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Was your online purchase really secure?

How It Works

Today, anti-virus software alone is not enough: Anti-virus provides protection and encrypts your files after the fact, which could be too late. Keystroke Guard provides real-time protection and stops hackers from gaining access to your personal information by encrypting, or scrambling everything you type.

Keystroke Guard patented security software ensures that you and your family are protected from:

Medical Identity Theft
Your medical and insurance information is valuable to identity thieves—a thief may use your name or health insurance information to see a doctor, fill a prescription, or file claims with your insurance provider.
Social Media & Identity Theft
An increase use of social media worldwide means more opportunities to steal identities and commit fraud online than ever before. Social media sites are littered with confidential user information making the platforms vulnerable for attack and exposing registered users to identity theft and fraud.
Home Security Threats
"Smart home" devices are becoming more popular, but as manufacturers are rushing to connect everyday objects to the Internet, few are equipping their product with proper security. Today's burglars don't need crowbars and a ski mask; all they have to do is monitor your home network, security cameras, or even your baby's monitor to see when you are out of the house and use your username and password to disable any motion detectors and open the front door without being detected.

By the time you realize, its too late.

Start protecting your family, money, and privacy today.